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Riversway Nursing Home


Review of Riversway Nursing Home November 2018 by CB  (daughter of resident) on carehome.co.uk

Riversway cared for both my mother and my father, who both needed full nursing care. They both had several types of advanced dementia. My husband and I feel that Riversway were able to meet the complex needs of my parents, and were always available to discuss and address health issues as they arose. The head chef was exceptional in offering menu options and food textures to accommodate my parents' failing health and difficulties with eating due to their dementia.

It was a pleasure to visit Riversway every day because Riversway was (and still is) a happy and relaxed home. The staff and management were exceptionally friendly and kind, showing love and compassion in the care that they gave. Although watching my parents deteriorate with dementia was sad and painful, we also have lovely, happy memories and feel blessed that my parents were able to call Riversway their home - the friendship and laughter we shared with the staff together with my parents will never be forgotten.

How likely would you be to recommend Riversway Nursing Home? Extremely Likely


Review of Riversway Nursing Home November 2018 by KS  (husband of resident) on carehome.co.uk

A very good choice of home. Great staff.

How likely would you be to recommend Riversway Nursing Home? Extremely Likely


Review of Riversway Nursing Home November 2018 by JD  (stepdaughter of resident) on carehome.co.uk

All staff had the time, patience and understanding to be by my step-father's side during his last weeks at the home, which was very important to me, living so far away. I would like to thank all the staff for their support over this difficult time.

How likely would you be to recommend Riversway Nursing Home? Likely


Review of Riversway Nursing Home August 2018 by RM  (Son of resident) on carehome.co.uk

The home gave mum excellent care, particularly nursing care. Mum took part in many of the organised activities which greatly enhanced her quality of life in her last months.

How likely would you be to recommend Riversway Nursing Home? Extremely Likely



Thank you to all the staff for creating a warm and motivating environment for my mother who initially, as an independent woman, was reluctant to make the transition to a residential home. With their help and sensitive care, they not only made her transition welcoming and less stressful but also initiated a new positive chapter in her life. JM Son of resident (carehome.co.uk)

How likely would you be to recommend Riversway Nursing Home? Extremely Likely


After a long illness, my dad spent his final days at Riversway. A nursing home was never what he wanted and as a family, we were also worried. All our fears were soon resolved by the wonderful manager and staff who took so much time to settle my dad in but also talk to the family. My dad was made to feel welcome and there is a real homely atmosphere.
Every area was always clean and the food varied and appetising. Thank you for all you did, we will never forget you. NW Daughter of resident (carehome.co.uk review)

How likely would you be to recommend Riversway Nursing Home? Extremely Likely


I was pleased with the care my mother received during her time at Riversway Nursing Home. The staff are always helpful and polite. They treated the residents with kindness and consideration. I like the way the residents were allowed to move around freely and safely. There is a wide range of activities to suit the varying needs and abilities of the residents. I felt I could come away after visiting knowing that my mother would be well looked after. EHA (carehome.co.uk review)


Mum was with you for just over a year and unfortunately, her condition deteriorated quite rapidly. The care and attention Mum received during this difficult time was excellent. The care staff were always cheerful and friendly to those needing care and their visitors, and they were willing to chat or answer any questions. The general ambience of the home made a very difficult time more bearable. MF (carehome.co.uk review)


My mum was at the home for just over a year and very well looked after. All the staff are loving and very friendly and helpful. The home has a lovely feel to it and visitors are made to feel very welcome. There are lots of activities going on in the home and visits outside. 

Thank you all very much for looking after my mum and giving me peace of mind at a difficult time. LS (carehome.co.uk review)

My father was made very welcome by all the staff although he was only there for six weeks before he died and was treated with dignity in his final weeks. All the staff were very helpful and friendly. Nothing was too much trouble. A very clean and professionally run home. I would recommend this home to anyone in my fathers position as they could not do enough to help. AB (carehome.co.uk review)

Riversway Care Home is very well run. The staff are highly skilled, caring, empathic and committed to the highest of levels of care. There is a very positive team culture and an emphasis on maintaining residents quality of life through activities or through simple one to one personal relations. My mother was very happy there, saying "They can't do enough for you". JF (carehome.co.uk review

My husband was admitted to Riverswary from hospital and immediately we were made welcome and taken care of at a very safe and difficult time. The staff are so friendly, caring and helpful. MH (carehome.co.uk review)

The home was needed for end of life care. The staff were pleasant, helpful. Manageress was extremely caring and considerate, can't praise enough. Wonderful surroundings and rooms excellent. Even though it was end of life care our family member was treated with dignity and given care and compassion. Always attended with much care. Staff took care of visiting family as well as the resident. LH (carehome.co.uk review)

My mother had a fall New Year's Eve and the doctor and social worker wouldn't help. She couldn't stand or walk. The home manager came out on New Year's Day, assessed and took her to Riversway Nursing Home, which was a huge relief because at home it was impossible to look after her. The staff have been friendly, conscientious and professional. They liaised with the emergency doctor as Mum's GP was too far for them to visit. She's now moved to a care home closer to the GP and her home, just for logistics and ease of visitors. Huge thanks to Riversway Nursing Home and all staff; you saved us in our hour of need. NM (carehome.co.uk review)

Unfortunately, the day arrived when the family had to make a decision to find a nursing home for our 91-year-old mother. I visited several homes in our area and was impressed by each one. However, on entering Riversway it took my breath away. Together with the location and excellent greeting from the staff. I decided with the family to place our mother at this care home and although early stages, I cannot find the words to praise this establishment highly enough.
Thank you and long may you continue to carry out the care you obviously enjoy offering. GH (carehome.co.uk review)

'The experience was amazing, Facilities are exceptional. Surroundings extremely clean and the entire staff team are welcoming and friendly.'

How likely would you recommend? 'Extremely likely'  OL

"A few words of thanks to all of you for the care and kindness you gave to Mum during the eighteen months that she spent with you. You all showed a genuine caring concern for her and ensured that she was well cared for mentally, emotionally and physically. You had the time and patience to get to know her as an individual so the care you provided was really tailored to her needs. I know that she appreciated the time that you gave her, to have those conversations that meant so much to her. You also took care of me, always there in a supportive manor, giving your time even though there were often calls on your time. You are professional, caring and should be proud of what you do at Riversway. Grateful thanks" A & T

"During the 4 1/2 years that my mum lived at Riversway, time and time again we witnessed the kindness and care that she received from all staff.... We wish to thank you all for looking after B. Sometimes it was just the quick word to her as she passed you in the corridor, or the patience shown when coping with some challenging behaviour. We were lucky to find somewhere like Riversway. On behalf of ALL B's family, we would like to thank each of you for your part in looking after her with kindness and good humour and the much appreciated support you gave to us." A & C 


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Springhill Care Home


Review of Springhill Care Home January 2019 by AB (daughter of resident/service user) on carehome.co.uk

When on Woodlands part of the care home, the staff were extremely caring individuals who I felt provided the best possible care for my dad form hygiene to dignity.

They not only made him as comfortable as possible but gave me peace of mind, knowing that he was in safe hands. I never felt unable to express my wishes that were always acted upon where possible.

How likely would you be to recommend Springhill Care Home? Extremely Likely

Review of Springhill Care Home January 2019 by CR (daughter of resident/service user) on carehome.co.uk

The staff were very caring and compassionate. Dad was treated with care and all the help needed nothing was too much trouble for any staff member whether cleaning, catering, nursing or personal care. The family were made very welcome 24 hours a day when dad became ill and sadly passed away. We as a family highly recommend this home.

How likely would you be to recommend Springhill Care Home? Extremely Likely

Review of Springhill Care Home January 2019 by MR (Wife of resident/service user) on carehome.co.uk

During his two stays in Springhill, my husband received very good care form the professional (for the most part) and friendly staff, with whom he built up several close rapport. His end of life care was exceptional, with love and tenderness being given to him. At all times I was kept informed of his treatment and all aspects of his care were discussed. The staff were also supportive of me during my recovery from major heart surgery.

How likely would you be to recommend Springhill Care Home? Extremely Likely

Letter received and also review of Springhill Care Home January 2019 from G & J H (son of resident) on carehome.co.uk

The general approach of staff, the way they care for and comfort residents, the inclusive approach to allow them to integrate into the daily running of the home is a credit to everyone who works at Springhill. We could not have asked for better care for my dad and can console ourselves in his passing that his last few years where as good as they could be under the circumstances.

So, our message to you and all the staff is simple, thank you sincerely for all you did for H, easy for us to say, but extremely difficult for you to deliver day in day out. For all the negative comments that relate to care homes in general, you and you staff are a shining beacon as to how it should be done.

How likely would you be to recommend Springhill Care Home? Extremely Likely


Review of Springhill Care Home November 2018 by BB  (Son of resident) on carehome.co.uk

When my mum went to Springhill Care Home we were so happy because of the staff and care is brilliant. My mum from day one is being looked after like a queen. So to anyone whose mother is looking for a good care home, Springhill Care Home is the best.

How likely would you recommend? Extremely Likely


Review of Springhill Care Home October 2018 by DK  (daughter of resident) on carehome.co.uk


Springhill Care Home is a lovely place. The staff are so caring and committed to their work. From the moment you walk through the door, there is a warm welcome, but most importantly, the care they give to my mum is wonderful and we, the family, are grateful every day to the staff on Ribble View. You are all AMAZING.

How likely would you recommend? Extremely Likely


Review of Springhill Care Home October 2018 by TW  (husband of resident) on carehome.co.uk

I would like to say that the staff at Springhill Care Home are very caring and committed to the role and the nature of their profession.
I can't thank them enough for the care and attention they give to my wife.
Many thanks to the staff on Ribble View.

How likely would you recommend? Extremely Likely


Review of Springhill Care Home October 2018 by JS  (daughter of resident) on carehome.co.uk

From the initial enquiry about availability, we were treated excellently and very professionally by both staff and management.
They carried out a full assessment of his needs with dignity and care.
From the moment he arrived, he was made to feel comfortable, safe and happy.
The staff were keen to understand Dads history to help them bond with him and talk about his life 
We can not fault the genuine care, compassion and attention to detail that all the staff and nurses gave. 

I know he had only three short weeks in the home, but it was the best three he had over the last four months.

The staff at the home are angels, we can’t thank them enough for the care and support they gave to dad, mum and ourselves.

How likely would you recommend? Extremely Likely


Review of Springhill Care Home July 2018 by CS  (husband of resident) on carehome.co.uk

The nursing and ancillary staff were most caring. Everyone made a point of speaking and being very friendly. The activities staff provided various entertainments to keep the residents occupied.

The home is run as a 5-star hotel.

How likely would you recommend? Extremely Likely


Review of Springhill Care Home June 2018 by VN (daughter of resident) on carehome.co.uk

The best testament for me was when I took Dad for a hospital visit. We arrived back and he said 'Oh it's good to be home'. That meant a lot to me.

How likely would you recommend? Extremely Likely


Review of Springhill Care Home June 2018 by SW (daughter of resident) on carehome.co.uk

My Mother moved to Springhill in May 2013 and to be perfectly honest this was the best decision we as a family have ever made on behalf of my Mum. 
The care and support was second to none on every level of the staff members, from the devoted carers, nursing staff and to the management. I know my Mum was very happy here from the day she moved in...

How likely would you recommend? Extremely Likely


Review of Springhill Care Home June 2018 by DH (daughter of resident) on carehome.co.uk

Everyone including the kitchen staff is absolutely fantastic and offer a very high level of care.
Springhill has an excellent reputation and I think that is mainly due to the staff, I can't praise them enough from reception, nurses, care staff, kitchen staff and cleaners.

How likely would you recommend? Extremely Likely

Review of Springhill Care Home June 2018 by AB (daughter of resident) on carehome.co.uk

The staff, from carers, nurses, ancillary, maintenance, receptionists, office staff and management are fantastic, approachable, professional and treat my mum and myself with respect, dignity and care.

I work in a care home myself and this home, Springhill, is the best.


Review of Springhill Care Home June 2018 by PB (son of resident) on carehome.co.uk

The care my father received in the 3 1/2 years he was there was fantastic and as good as we could have wished for. On behalf of my family, I/we cannot thank the staff enough.

How likely would you recommend? Extremely Likely


Review of Springhill Care Home June 2018 by CG (daughter of resident) on carehome.co.uk

Excellent care from all members of staff and management.

How likely would you recommend? Extremely Likely


Review of Springhill Care Home May 2018 by JB (daughter of resident) on carehome.co.uk

The grounds, building and upkeep are outstanding. Room s are spacious and peaceful and very comfortable and welcoming. Staff and chefs outstanding, polite, helpful, understanding, quick,k to patients, clean and they listen to patient and families.

How likely would you recommend? Extremely Likely


Review of Springhill Care Home April 2018 by AR (daughter of resident) on carehome.co.uk

Springhill is a happy place for the residents and there is always laughter and a buzz of activities going on when we have visited. I cannot recommend this care home enough. Excellent!

How likely would you recommend? Extremely Likely


Review of Springhill Care Home April 2018 by PH (daughter of residents) on carehome.co.uk

I cannot thank the staff enough for the care, attention and compassion they show and how they have shown dignity and respect to her (mum) and her family. It is a wonderful place with laughter and a 'family' atmosphere. Well done Springhill.

How likely would you recommend? Extremely Likely


Review of Springhill Care Home April 2018 by NN (son of residents) on carehome.co.uk

The staff were always friendly and respectful and the most important thing of all - they cared and showed they cared.

How likely would you recommend? Extremely Likely

Review of Springhill Care Home April 2018 by P M  (residents relative) on carehome.co.uk

I cannot put into enough words the gratitude me and my family feel towards your staff at Springhill Care Home, Oswaldtwistle (Accrington). I just want to say again, many thanks to you all.

How likely would you recommend? Extremely Likely


Review of Springhill Care Home February 2018 by R O  (daughter of resident) on carehome.co.uk

Fortunately, for us as a family, we choose Springhill. The care and support we received from the management and carers to the laundry, catering and cleaning staff was a credit to the company. It has totally changed my opinion on the bad press that care homes receive. There are excellent homes out there and this is one!

How likely would you recommend? Extremely Likely 

Review of Springhill Care Home January 2018 by M B (daughter of resident) on carehome.co.uk

My dad was moved from hospital to Springhill Care Home.

The professionalism and care received by my dad and us (3 of us) as his family, especially in Dad's last week when we 'moved in', was beyond exceptional.

Your staff made the worst time in our lives easier (if it ever can be). Praise needs to go to all staff involved.

How likely would you recommend? Extremely Likely


Facebook extract of comment / post by M B (Daughter of Resident) - 23/01/2018 

My dad was transferred to Springhill from hospital in 13 Dec after being diagnosed with terminal stomach cancer. From his arrival we could not have asked for better treatment or care from the staff...

ALL the staff are amazing!!.

On NEW Year's Day, Dad started deteriorating, at this stage, it was agreed that I could stay in his room with him...ie...move in!! We were made to feel like it was home from home...use of the facilities, having meals, etc. Nothing was too much trouble for the nurses and staff.

Everyone hears bad stories about Nursing homes....It's not always the case as we have seen from personal experience!!

Thank you to everyone who made the toughest time of our lives as comfortable as possible.....if will never be forgotten!!!! People like to complain a lot these days but in Dad's words.....praise should be given where it is due and it mostly definitely is here!!!!

Thank you to everyone but especially Ruslana, Neelum, Isma & Kelley......from T O'N family......M, M & R xxx

Review of Springhill Care Home January 2018 by B K (Daughter of resident) on carehome.co.uk

Having visited around six care homes in the Accrington area, it was eventually decided that Springhill Care Home seemed the best option for my mother.
With hindsight, I am now totally convinced that this was the right decision. On all criteria - the quality of the accommodation, facilities and activities; the friendliness and professionalism of all the staff from the front desk to the "front line" staff who we met; and the prevailing caring and happy atmosphere - it is difficult to imagine how these could be improved upon. Above all, in the last days and hours of my mother's life, all the nursing and carer staff who were closely involved with her showed great compassion that was very reassuring.

How likely would you recommend? Extremely Likely

Review of Springhill Care Home January 2018 by C J  (Partner of resident) on carehome.co.uk

We are very pleased with the care my partner is receiving.  How likely would you recommend? Extremely Likely

My father was a resident at Springhill Care Home for 2 years and 10 days.

The 1st year dad spent on Milnshaw and the 2nd year on Springwood. I have to commend all the staff for treating my father with extreme care and dignity. His room was always spotlessly clean and warm. I can highly recommend Springhill Care Home. My father dies in November 2017, surrounded by family the nurse on duty and 2 carers. Dad was never left alone which was one of his wishes. Review of Springhill Care Home on  April 2018 by P A (daughter of resident) on carehome.co.uk

All the staff go that extra mile to help your loved ones. Thank you once again, to all the staff on Springwood and Milnshaw wings for all your help and reassurance, it is much appreciated. PA

We are extremely grateful for the care given by all involved [at Springhill Care Home], which reflects upon the home, the management and staff. J & M

We would like to thank all the staff and helpers on Tree Tops for all the care and help they gave to R whilst he was in Springhill. J & Family

I consider myself very fortunate that both my parents were able to spend their last years at Springhill Care Home.

The first thing that strikes you when visiting the home is the quality of the building, the rooms and the facilities. Those things though, however impressive, come a very poor second to the quality of the people who work there.

A carer can be just a job title for someone who looks after people or it can be a name for someone who genuinely cares about and gets their rewards from looking after elderly people who can no longer live independent lives.

I have to say that I have been bowled over by all the people that looked after my Mum and Dad. They not only helped them with all the usual things like getting them up, washed, dressed an fed. They genuinely befriended them, laughed and joked with them, gave them outstanding care and made them feel loved and valued.

What more could anyone ask for?

I would recommend Spring Hill Care home to anyone who is in the position I was, having to accept that your parents have reached a stage in their lives where they can no longer look after themselves, but wanting the very best for them. Wanting them to be happy, to be loved and to continue to enjoy themselves.

I would like to thank Curtis, Bernadette and all the staff for looking after my parents so well and for ensuring that they enjoyed their time at Spring Hill so much.

Sadly my mother suffers from vascular dementia and has been cared for at Springhill for 4 months now in the dementia unit. Our family has spent a considerable amount of time at the care home whilst settling mum in during the difficult transition from home/hospital so I now feel well placed to post a review.

Whilst accommodation, standard, food, activities, cleanliness etc. are all very important, and they do very well here, the most important thing for me is how mum is looked after by the carers/nursing team. Having spent so much time at the home (often staff are unaware that I'm there and whilst sat in mum's room with the door ajar I can hear how they're interacting with other residents) I can confidently say that the staff are generally very good indeed and often outstanding. Whilst staff are inevitably going to vary in experience and ability, a sufficiently strong culture of compassionate care exists to prevent any rogue of poor quality staff from passing under the radar I believe. GW (carehome.co.uk review)


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Birch Green Care Home


Review of Birch Green Care Home December 2018 by L (Daughter of resident/service user) on carehome.co.uk

My Dad was given excellent care. The home is friendly and welcoming, staff did everything possible to support and care for my Dad and to support his family. I was able to have peace of mind that my Dad was in no danger and was well cared for, by competent, professional, efficient, dedicated and caring staff. Our family were allowed to be with Dad 24/7. Excellent care which treated my Dad as a person rather than 'another' patient. I can't put into words the relief I felt knowing that my dad was safe and cared for.


How likely would you be to recommend Birch Green Care Home? Extremely Likely

Review of Birch Green Care Home April 2018 by JT (Daughter of resident/service user) on carehome.co.uk

Dad has settled well, enjoys the activities. All medical needs are sorted too.


How likely would you be to recommend Birch Green Care Home? Likely

Review of Birch Green Care Home April 2018 by AB (Daughter of resident/service user) on carehome.co.uk

My Dad was a resident here from June 2017 to his passing (March 2018). He was initially downstairs but when his dementia progressed was moved upstairs in Dec 2107. I cannot fault the care and attention he was given. We had a few hiccups along the way but a meeting was arranged and our concerns were sorted right away. All staff from nurses, carers, laundry and cleaners are so dedicated. It is a "home" for all their residents, they become their residents and an extended family and they achieve this.

I cannot fault the care and attention given to my Dad both downstairs and then upstairs. This is a care home where CARE is without a doubt given. I thank everyone. His end of life care was to be with them. They were absolutely brilliant not just with Dad but with us as a family. Also, if you are looking for a reliable trustworthy, caring home for your loved ones I say go visit them and see for yourselves.


How likely would you be to recommend Birch Green Care Home? Extremely Likely

Review of Birch Green Care Home February 2018 by LP (Daughter of resident/service user) on carehome.co.uk

There is not much I can say. Everything is brilliant, the staff can't do enough for the resident and their family.


How likely would you be to recommend Birch Green Care Home? Extremely Likely

Very pleased with the way my wife is being looked after. Excellent, excellent, excellent care.

How likely would you be to recommend Birch Green Care Home? Extremely Likely. CN (carehome.co.uk review)

To all staff just to say thank you for looking after my husband, you were all so kind to him what a lovely care home – God bless M & Family 

My wife receives a very high degree of care and as a very discerning person I am more than satisfied and as such, there is nothing further to add. JB (carehome.co.uk review)

Review of Birch Green Care Home January 2019 by MC (Wife of resident/service user) on carehome.co.uk

My husband had wonderful care in the 2 years and 10 months he resided at the home. Myself and my family were kept informed at all times of any concerns about my husband's health. We have always been happy with the care my husband, myself and family have encountered.

How likely would you be to recommend Birch Green Care Home? Extremely Likely 

My husband went into Birch Green Care Home in February 2017 and the treatment was excellent from the very start. The staff are very caring and helpful and the nursing care is perfect, in fact, all the staff are very caring and helpful. The home is welcoming whenever and whatever time I went in to see my husband. I would recommend this care home to anyone. My husband passed away in the home on 26th September 2017 and was treated with great dignity. PT (carehome.co.uk review)

Very pleased with the care and concern given to my dad by all the staff. AB (carehome.co.uk review)

My father seems very happy with the care his is receiving and I can't fault the staff here. Everybody is very friendly and helpful and seem to genuinely care about everybody here. DS  (carehome.co.uk review)

"Words cannot say how much we appreciate the care, love and kindness you all showed to our D and to us when we came visiting. You all know how special she was to us and we know how she was special to you. God Bless you all and your lovely families"  B & L

"Thank you so much for helping to make my uncle's 90th birthday so special. It was lovely to see everyone having such a good time and I know he really enjoyed himself." L

"To all the staff and wonderful carers who looked after mum for many years.. Your kindness and patience was greatly appreciated. Thank you once again and may God Bless you all." J, D & Family

"This is to say a massive thank you to all the wonderful staff fpr the kind, loving, gentle and professional care that you gave to our Dad in his last week of his life. The attention and care you gave him was excellent, in all his aspects of care as well as your friendliness towards him and us as a family. He was only with you for one week but it was made the more special and dignified because of your wonderful staff. We cannot thank you enough for the way you treated Dad and us. The care your home provided is the best anyone could wish for." LG's Family

"All the staff were exceptional, showing care, comfort and concern for her and her family. We were always made to feel very welcome. Auntie F died in peace with no pain or stress. We stand in awe of the high quality of service given to the people in your care which we have experienced at first hand having witnessed it over many years while you looked after our mother C and Auntie F. Thank you." A&C G

"To all the staff at Birch Green. Mum couldn't have wished for a friendlier 'home' and has enjoyed many happy days with you and we have been left with happy memories of the time she spent with you all." J&H


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Springhill Care 


"Thank you so much for sending me your lovely newsletter this month, I really enjoyed it as it gave me an up to date photo of my much loved cousin A having her nails done and the lady doing them is also called A.


I really enjoy reading about your facility and all that goes on there. Thank you so much for the great job you do looking after your people whether they are residents or working staff all seem to be very happy there.


My cousin A is a very recent resident but already has settled and is very happy with the way she is looked after A she raves about the meals she receives.

I'm also very pleased with the way I'm treated when I phone A as I can't visit because I live in Canada, the persons who answer the phone are lovely and friendly and make me feel like nothing's too much trouble for them, they just go and find A.

Thank you all very very much, just thought I would drop you a line to let you know as sometimes we are quick to let people know when we are unhappy but not so quick to thank people when we are pleased.


Carry on the great work and Good Luck for your awards you deserve them...Your friend J :))."






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